The Small But Mighty Changes in the Beverage Industry

When making overnight stops on long road trips, going on vacation, celebrating “Thirsty Thursdays” that last all the way through to Sunday morning there is one common component among it all, a beverage or in some cases, many beverages. No matter whether it is an alcoholic drink or not, beverages will always be on high demand. People sneered at the idea of bottled water but lo and behold, today, bottled water is the second most popular commercial beverage in the United States. This was not the only revolutionary development of beverage consumption. At catered events, in hotels, bars and nightclubs, basically anywhere that serves drinks in exchange for money, the way in which drinks are dispensed has been a big focus in the industry. Beverage dispensing is now a large competitive market. Like many industries, it is also now not only going digital, but wireless. One Denmark based bar management system company, Provargo, is paving the road in this new technology and making headlines while doing so.

Wireless Beverage Dispensers

Provargo have taken digital beverage dispensing units, not just one small step but one giant leap further by syncing them up with a configured unit that can both receive and transmit communications and information wirelessly, also known as a transceiver. Provargo’s unique beverage dispensing units – BottleTag, V4 DigiPour spout, F2 Flow Counting Unit and DigiPour Wall Rack – collect valuable relevant data, crucial to running of any business that serves beverages. The information sent and received is managed by a user-friendly database called ProCloud, it too can be monitored and updated through the ProCloud App and clients also have the option of syncing up their point-of-sales (POS) system to have further control.

The beverage dispensing units monitor the number and measurement of pours, log bottle or keg changes, provide sales numbers based on a specific product or product range, sales numbers from a single department right down to a single staff member and more.

The information gathered in the ProCloud gives the user an overview of sales for comparisons throughout a specific time period. The overview gives complete control on current stock levels, shortage-risk levels all in real-time.

The POS System

Many Provargo clients chose the option of connecting their POS system to Provargo’s beverage dispensing and control system. The most commonly used methods of management by clients is their difference report and POS pour control.

The difference report compares the data of beverage dispensing and inventory delivery from the control system to the information entered into the POS system. This is what gives the user greater management over where improvements need to be made either by product, department or staff.

The POS pour control provides maximum security of products by only allowing the beverage dispensing units to pour an allotted amount entered into the POS system. In other words, the units wait to pour an amount until they receive approval from the POS system. This feature means no more over-pouring leading to higher sales and better customer service.

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