Massage necessary and important in our lives?

In fact, massage not only helps you feel good, but these massage therapies are good for your health. The results of a study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine show that massage has the potential to boost the immune system and help you overcome stress more easily and a best massage chair is good to use.

full body massage chairIn the old days , when walking with a barefoot foot, he accidentally helped to heal himself without medication. When walking on his feet, he touched jagged rocks. acupuncture, reflexes in the foot. At that time, we rarely have illness but we do not know exactly the reason. Each person’s feet are an acupuncture diagram of the body¬†06c massage chair.

Nowadays, When life is more modern but we get more sickness, why? Every step we take uses shoes. These are objects that prevent feet from being exposed to jagged rocks anymore, so that the acupuncture points and reflexes of the foot are no long supported by nature, the weight of muscle We can put all our weight on our feet, so we need to ask professional therapists to perform a series of movements such as pressing, squeezing, Blood circulation in the body is better. Blood pumping to the brain is better to prevent and treat more things; The body is stronger, dispels the fatigue and regenerates new energy so you can confidently achieve new success awaiting you. Therapeutic massage therapy is a therapy effective rehabilitation without medication.

Not all technicians can do massage therapy . Massage therapy is 1 year, practicing 2 years. Choose reliable places to be treated effectively. They have the phrase “Health is gold”, but gold can be bought, and health is not possible. So we have to say “Health is everything”.
During pregnancy and postpartum, the skin in the abdomen, the armpit tends to darken and the dark spots will fade over time but that process is very slow.
To overcome this condition, Mom & Baby Care postpartum care process takes the following steps:
– Exfoliating removes dead skin cells to help smooth, white skin. Raw materials used for exfoliating such as:
+ Remove traditional Indonesian bored herb.
+ Exfoliate with coconut.
+ Scrub with coffee.
– Then the women are fed with natural nutrients such as: brown rice, pumpkin, potato, carrot, hibiscus flower … to nourish the skin to help soften the skin.
Full body massage in postnatal care:
Aromatherapy massage will bring you a refreshing sensation thanks to the gentle scent of ginger oil, rinse, citrus, … You will not be stressed after birth.

Hot stone body massage
Helps circulation of blood, feeling relaxed, help the body to release toxic substances, reduce muscle tension, have cleared channels to increase the life of the body after birth.
Full body massage with fresh ginger
The fresh ginger penetrates into the cells of the body in conjunction with the massage of the gums with the warm aroma of ginger to help all the senses in the body are soothing. Ginger massage has the effect of circulating blood, reduce pain and exfoliate to help skin whiten.
Hand, foot and heel care in postnatal care:
Beauty care after birth can not ignore step care and beauty for hands, feet. Pregnancy due to increased body weight should be leg edema, green tendon. So, hot waxing treatment will moisturize the skin, remove dead skin cells to absorb the essence and skin care products, reduce the green tendon and make the skin smooth pink.