Deciduous tree with conical crown

Common alder is a species of alder in the family Betulaceae, native to Europe, West Asia and North Africa. It is also known as European alder and Black alder. The epithet glutinosa is referring to the buds and young leaves which are slightly sticky with a resinous gum. This kind of tree can be taking care of by the assistance of best surgeons in UK.

Common alder is a 20-35 m tall, deciduous tree with conical crown, found in moist areas such as marshes, lakes and rivers. The astringent bark is used for tanning and dyeing. The glossy dark green, rounded leaves of this tree is slightly toothed margin. Common alder is monoecious, with male and female flowers borne on the same plant. Its flower are wind-pollinated catkins. The reddish male catkins are pendulous, cylindrical in shape and 5-10 cm long, while the female are smaller, 2 cm long, dark brown to black in color, and somewhat resemble conifer cones. After the small winged seeds have dispersed, the ripe, woody, brown to blackish cones remain long on tree, often lasting through the winter.

Alder timber makes an excellent building material, especially where water is involved. It is valuable for troughs, pumps, sluices and piles. The wood is also used for making furnitures. This tree is being used for smoked goods. Yellow birch is the most frequently used birch and an important source for hardwood lumber. It’s hard and strong wood is used for furniture and various small objects. Yellow birch is also a good browse plant for moose, deer, rabbits and beavers. It is also a good garden tree, providing light shade, showy bark and striking foliage color in fall.

Common alder grows well in moist and wet soils, and can tolerate prolonged period of standing in water. It grows in all soils other than very alkaline, in sun or partial shade.Pests and diseases are powdery mildew, alder aphids, lace bugs, flea beetle and leaf miner. Propagations is by seeds or cuttings. Tree surgeons that are also named as arborists are trained and specialized individuals that find employment in various private and public ventures. In fact there are various certified and accredited institutes that are associated with this profession, wherein they can also be sent to a courtroom as an expert witness in case of any historical preservation or legal disputes related to issues of trees at a historical site. This article gives you a detailed study about this profession and if you are already involved in this business, you can read on to find new ways to increase your marketable skills.

There are many apps and devices on the market that make caring for the garden much easier. Install sensors for moisture, sunlight and nutrients to make sure your plants are given everything they need. There are also automatic devices that you can attach to the sensors so that your plants are watered when the moisture level dips too much. This will mean that your plants will not be over or under watered. Plants need space to grow, so make sure that you do not plant close together and leave enough space so that they are competing for resources like water and sunlight. Also make sure to plant crops that need more sunlight where they have access to it and those that don’t can be put in more shady areas. It is important to plan the layout of your garden beforehand.