Breaking wine myths

There is no alcoholic drink which is as susceptible to stereotypes as wine. In addition to the classic types of prejudice like for example, rosé is a wine for women and that wine is better if it is older, here is a short list of myths about the wine that needs to be eradicated.

It isn’t appropriate to drink wine before lunch (exempt celebrations and tastings)

In Italy, people drink wine in a relaxed way before noon. In all bars, you will often see tables with glasses of white wine, rather than coffee. And they are not the idle people; it’s a break before lunch. There is a very strong cult of aperitifs in them, and most are based on wine.

Drinking alone means you’re an alcoholic

If you say “last night I drank wine at home”, the person probably imagines desperate you, drinking from the bottle. Of course, it’s OK if it’s a glass or two, not like some of the protagonists of the TV series.

Sherry is for older ladies

Sherry always somehow reminded to old ladies with gray bun. Still, it’s a thing of the past. There is no target group of consumers of this Spanish wine. Still, it will take longer for the average man to dare to order the sherry without worrying that everybody will laugh at him. To this is the fact that sweet wines are not for men.

Chardonnay is passé

In fashion can be something that divides people into those who love it and those who cannot stand it. It was said a lot of last summers that rosé is in fashion – just because there were those who adored him, but also those who would never have ordered him. However, the classics never go out of fashion and don’t know anyone who really doesn’t like Chardonnay.

The wine can make us fat

Actually, the truth is that most drinks don’t make us fat as we think. Dessert wines have the most calories, and the least calories have dry wines with lower alcohol content, and that is white wine. What makes us fat is what we eat with them. And here are some tips to get it out:

– Don’t drink a lot before eating, because it opens the appetite

– Don’t drink too late

– Drink drier wines

– Men up to three cups a day, and women two

Screw caps are not for high-quality wines           

I guess we are automatically associated with low-quality alcohol, and people often think that wines with screw cap are poorer and more vulnerable to decay. However, a growing number of serious wineries use screw plugs because they are more practical. Tradition is the biggest advantage of corks. So don’t worry about adding some screw caps bottles to your wine rack at home.

The more expensive the better

As with every product in the world, this is not the rule. But there will always be those who think it is. Still, it seems to me that we have eradicated the worst of myths!